established in 1878

Sitton Hill Farm was built in 1878 by Samuel Monroe Sitton for his wife and four daughters, one of whom was Zermah Vermelle Sitton. The house was built with hand-made bricks on a tract of 2,000 acres. Zermah married George Mellish Pope, an Engineer from Boston, who traveled South to work on the nearby Saluda Dam project.

In 1937, Mr. Pope purchased the home and land from the Sitton heirs and made extensive renovations and additions. At this time, the roads were still dirt filled and it was impossible to reach except for horseback. Consequently, the east wing apartments were added to accommodate the Popes and their daughter, Zermah Sitton Pope, on these extended visits. The west guest quarters were added in 1938 when Miss Pope married.

Although they lived in Niagara Falls, New York, the family spent a great amount of time at Sitton Hill Farm and entertained frequently with square dances and barbecues. The Popes kept horses for many years, so buggy rides and horse shows were also a major attraction at parties held at the farm.

Many years later, Mr. Pope donated the land for Pope Field in Easley, and the grounds and adjacent land were named for him. After the death of her parents, Mrs. Zermah Pope Holland lived in the east wing apartments until 1990 when she moved to Greenville. The main house had remained uninhabited for twenty years.

In 1996, her son, Harold Calhoun Smith III, his wife Betsy, and their two daughters, Yancey and Sitton, began renovating the main house and implementing major landscape alterations. In 1998, the Smiths moved from Greenville and made Sitton Hill Farm their permanent home. After his death in 2007, Mrs. Smith has remained in the home and thoroughly enjoys her life on the farm.

There have been many family events, weddings, receptions, and parties held over the last one hundred and forty years at Sitton Hill Farm. We hope to celebrate with you soon!

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